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Wurkshop Art & Craft

Wurkshop is hub of specialist art and craft, operating from their mews studio in the heart of Barnes. They offer unique classes, unusual skills and unforgettable experiences for children and adults, helping enthusiasts of all ages to usher art and craft back into their busy lives.

Wurkshop Arts & CraftsKids are at the heart of what Wurkshop do. Whether making an object from scratch or getting immersed in a new skill or artistic style, Wurkshop have the course for it. And they teach real skills by top craftspeople, artists and professionals – this is not glitter and glue, but authentic art and craft. There is no dumbing down, which leads to incredible results.


Wurkshop Arts & CraftsThere are four fantastic term-time clubs, taught in small groups in Wurkshop’s wonderful studio environment. Classes are aimed primarily at children aged 7 to 12 years old, and offer the opportunity to explore new techniques and skills – children go home with beautiful objects and a new, dynamic, flexible skillset. There is also a club for older students working towards their GCSE.

Seamsters: Children build textiles projects using multiple techniques – including dying, printing and sewing – and have the satisfaction of making something from beginning to end.

Artsters: Children learn observational drawing and painting skills using materials such as charcoal, pastels, watercolour, acrylic and oil paint. They build project work influenced by different styles in art history.

Crafters: Children build three dimensional projects and work with wood, leather and ceramics. They use their hands, get a bit messy and creative, and make something of real quality.

Potters: Children practice one of the oldest forms of artistic self-expression, learning techniques such as coiling, slab-building, press moulding and wheel throwing, as well as glazing and decorative slips.


Wurkshop Arts & CraftsWurkshop runs a variety of workshops to keep the kids busy and inspired in half-terms and holidays. As with the regular clubs, children learn new skills and authentic art and craft – going home with something that they will keep for years to come. Workshops are varied and include drawing, painting, book binding, weaving, printing making and more.


Make some time for you, discover a lost talent, or nurture a new skill with a range of one-off classes or courses with Wurkshop. Examples include basket weaving, drawing in charcoal, and life drawing courses.


If you want to host a party where guests will learn something unique whilst having a fabulous time, then Wurkshop’s range of party ideas are perfect. They generally last about 2.5hrs and include graffiti art party, skateboard making, block printed cushion covers, drawing and framing, and more.

Wurkshop Arts & CraftsWurkshop can be found in The Mews (off Bracken Gardens, behind 46-52 Church Road), Barnes SW13 0DQ. They can be contacted by calling 07720 712983 or by emailing hello@wurkshop.co.uk. You can also see some of the amazing work their students have created on their Instagram page, and keep up to date via Facebook.


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