The Westfield Practice

Westfield PracticeThe Westfield Practice in Barnes presents two ground-breaking hypnotherapy weight-loss programmes to help you lose weight easily and enjoyably.


  1. The Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Programme
  2. The Hypnotherapy Gastric Band Programme

You will be fully supported throughout the programmes by your hypnotherapist, Nadine Abell, who is available for advice and support on email, text and telephone throughout your treatment and afterwards.


A powerful combination of hypnosis to address emotional food and eating issues; and a revolutionary way of eating makes it easier to lose weight and keep it off permanently. Lose the weight AND lose the mood swings.


Stops your cravings, starts your weight loss. Re-programmes your attitude to eating, addressing emotional issues such as the binge/starve cycle of guilt into which so many of us are locked. Addresses food issues such as sugar/ chocolate/ caffeine addictions, boredom snacking and portion control.


A revolutionary way of eating which results in swift and sustained weight loss, as well as glowing skin and a happier, healthier and more positive attitude to life. You will be able to eat REAL food with REAL flavour and lose weight. No feeling deprived; no ‘low fat’ tasteless food; and no hunger. This is NOT a temporary fix ‘diet’; this is a pleasurable and satisfying way of eating for life.


Diets not working for you? Can’t control your food portions? More than a few pounds overweight? The Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme is for clients with a serious commitment to losing weight who have over two stone to lose.

Save thousands of pounds on real gastric band costs, and avoid the serious health risks: instead use hypnotherapy to make your mind and body believe it has had a band fitted. See and enjoy dramatic weight loss and a healthier, more positive attitude to food.


The Westfield Practice in Barnes specialises in using hypnotherapy to treat many different issues such as weight loss, smoking, phobias, anxiety and stress, confidence and performance, fertility and birth, and so much more.

Your therapist: Educated at Cambridge University, Nadine Abell is a clinical hypnotherapist. She is qualified in NLP, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and stress management. She is also a trained HypnoBirth and HypnoFertility practitioner.

Appointments: Nadine understands that clients have busy lives and therefore she offers early morning and evening appointments, as well as during the day in the week and at weekends. Please contact her to arrange a time which is convenient for you.

The Westfield Practice can be found at 2A Elm Bank Gardens, Barnes SW13 0NT. Nadine can be contacted by calling 020 8241 6718 or 07969 741964, or by emailing


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