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Stop press! Falcons Prep School is opening a reception class in 2020, so now you will have the choice of Chiswick or Richmond for the start of your son’s school journey.

Falcons School For BoysThe Falcons School for Boys (Pre-Prep & Prep) is a non-selective independent school for boys aged 3-13yrs, which is based across two sites. The Pre-Prep School for boys aged 3-7yrs is at 2 Burnaby Gardens in Chiswick, and the Prep School for boys aged 7-13yrs is at 41 Kew Foot Road in Richmond. It is an excellent school, full of happy boys.

Falcons School For BoysThe Falcons School for Boys has a warm and vibrant atmosphere, filled with laughter and fun, where children are encouraged, nurtured and motivated at every turn. The school is a place where boys are valued as individuals within a happy family atmosphere, and the staff ensure that the boys are well prepared for each new challenge they face as they progress through the school.

Falcons School For BoysThe staff at the Falcons are highly qualified and dedicated towards the common aims of fostering a caring and productive teaching environment. Because it is a boys-only school, the Falcons is able to tailor its teaching methods towards the needs of boys, leading to a very active and stimulating learning process. The boys develop a love of learning, a strong sense of community and the ability to make judgments between right and wrong. They’re sent on to the next stage of their education with the confidence to succeed.

Falcons School For BoysAcademic excellence is at the forefront of every child’s education but the Falcons believes that every boy should leave the school as a well-rounded and confident individual. With this in mind a fast-paced and stimulating curriculum is delivered including a wide range of clubs, residentials, sports fixtures and educational visits. The boys are often full of excitement about their next fixture or recent school trip!

Falcons School For BoysThe main entry points into the school are Nursery, Reception and Year 3, but places are sometimes also available in other years  groups. The school has a strong focus on individual learning but admission is non-selective and the school accommodates pupils of all abilities. It prides itself on being a school of options who works closely with parents to map out the best route possible for their child, on an academic and personal level. Boys can remain at the school until the age of 13, but depending on his ability and your wishes can also be prepared for the 7+, 8+ and 11+ highly competitive school entry. The Falcons has strong ties with the top London schools, as well as ones further afield.

The Falcons School for Boys is part of the Alpha Plus Group, London’s biggest independent school group. For more information on the Falcons School for Boys visit www.falconsboys.co.uk or www.falconsprep.co.uk, or they can be contacted on 020 8747 8393 (Pre-Prep) or 020 8948 9490 (Prep).

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