Tambo Travel Latin America

Tambo TravelTambo Travel is a boutique travel specialist with a passion for creating unique holiday experiences precisely to suit your personal needs. Specialising in Latin countries (where founder Elena Larkin was born), the Polar Regions and Europe, Tambo Travel works hard to understand their clients’ travel desires to put together their dream holidays. Elena, a local Twickenham mum, has over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry and is always ready to offer her expert guidance – either face-to-face locally, or over the phone. For the colourful countries of Latin America, the culture of Europe or the other worldliness of the Polar Regions; they only take you to areas where they have first-hand knowledge.

Tambo Travel Aurora BorealisWhether you’re looking to plan a family holiday or a honeymoon, a wildlife or adventure holiday, Tambo Travel offers in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the regions that they specialise in. The journey always starts with a conversation with you about the kind of thing that you’re looking for. They understand that you’re busy, and there’s very little time in the day to spend hours reading through online reviews for hotels, destinations, and kids clubs – and that’s where their expertise and helpful service comes in. Even after office hours when most tour operators are closed, you can call Tambo Travel whether it’s in the evening or at weekends to discuss your perfect holiday. 

Tambo Travel also has an excellent rapport with their clients and ground staff, which means that when you are away on your holiday you can expect the exact same treatment from the people at your destination that you receive from their team in Twickenham.

Tambo Travel Polar RegionsIf you are thinking of planning a special holiday and would like a consultation to see what Elena can advise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by phoning 020 3637 5959 or by emailing info@tambotravel.com. Whether you are a current, previous or a future customer, Tambo Travel is always available to help. You can also find out more about their service and destinations by visiting their website.


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