Little Gym Chiswick

The Little Gym of Chiswick has expanded and is now offering lots more classes, including dance and karate.

Little Gym gymnasticsThe Little Gym is the world’s premier learning and physical development centre for children up to the age of 12 years old. The Little Gym of Chiswick is one of their leading sites, and is easily accessed from the A316 by Chiswick Bridge. As well as the central gymnastics programme, it runs dance, karate and tumbling classes, as well as holiday camps, parties, and ‘tumble & tea’ for pre-schoolers. Above all else though, The Little Gym is about serious fun, and the children love going there!

Little Gym gymnasticsGymnastics Programme: The core offering of The Little Gym is its gymnastics programme for children aged 4m-12yrs, which is second to none. Each week, progressively structured classes and a fantastic learning environment enable children to try out new things and build their self-confidence. As well as physical skills, the classes cleverly weave in age-appropriate reading and number skills, as well as encouraging children to think about wider issues such as safety and the importance of ‘green’ messages.

Little Gym gymnasticsUp until the age of 3yrs, parents accompany their children in the gym, helping them on the equipment. The children are taught key gymnastics skills and take part in group activities such as songs, bubbles, and the parachute – as well as having exploration time to do their own thing. Children over 3yrs go into the classes on their own, so you can enjoy a well-earned coffee! Classes start off with circle time and a group activity, leading on to 3-4 different ‘stations’ where the children are taken through different routines. These routines are cleverly devised to also stimulate the children’s imagination, making it serious fun.

Tumbling Classes: Tumbling classes for children aged 5-12yrs focus primarily on building tumbling skills with a secondary emphasis on conditioning and fitness. There are lots of classes to choose from at the weekend as well as after school.

Little Gym DanceDance Classes: Dance classes for children aged 3-12yrs introduce children to ballet and tap whilst allowing them to express themselves through creative movement. Children also spend part of each class working on gymnastics skills to emphasise poise and balance.

Karate Classes: Karate classes for children aged 4-12yrs involve the children blocking, punching and kicking their way through a positive, non-competitive twist on the ancient martial art of karate. Obstacle courses, high energy music, skill-based activities and games all come together for serious fun.

Little Gym campsHoliday Camps: During the holidays, The Little Gym holds fabulous Ofsted-approved holiday camps, where the children get to spend loads of time having fun in the gym, as well as taking time out for some art & crafts activities. Look out for more details in our regular holiday camps guides.

Tumble & Tea: Tumble & Tea for Under 3s is a 1.5hr session including supervised free play in the gym, refreshments in the lounge, and often special talks from child development/parenting experts. There are three sessions a week and you can attend as many as you wish – however they are only open to members and booking is essential.

Parties: Chances are you’ll end up going to quite a few Little Gym parties! Children love celebrating their birthday  there, having the full run of the gym with instructor-led games, music and fun activities. You just bring the food and drink, and The Little Gym will do everything else.

Little Gym ChiswickThe Little Gym Chiswick can be found at University of Westminster Sports Ground, Hartington Road, Chiswick, W4 3AN and can be contacted on 020 8994 3729.


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