Easy2nameIt was 1999 and a farmer’s wife in Hampshire was surrounded by the chaos of three sons and all their clothes and belongings… there had to be way of keeping track of everything which didn’t involve hours of sewing… so with the birth of her fourth son in April 2000, Melanie King launched Easy2name – her fifth baby!

Easy2nameMelanie started off by making the dishwasher and steriliser-proof stickers which are still the bestsellers. For the first few years Easy2name was a true cottage industry operating from the spare room, but as the business grew it was relocated to buildings on a farm with lovely views across fields. Easy2name now sends labels all over the world, and they guarantee that all their products will work as expected.

Easy2nameOver the years Melanie has added a wide range of labels for clothes which can either be ironed or sewn on, and in the last five years has developed the revolutionary StickEasy label – a great no iron/no sew solution. Easy2name also sells personalised bags, luggage straps, bag tags and even embroidered dog collars and leads. Their fundraising scheme also now supports over 3,500 groups who receive 20% cashback on their orders.

Easy2nameEasy2name has a fantastic loyal team in the office who really believes in what they do and enjoy it. If you call the office or use Live Chat, the team of friendly ladies will always do their very best to help. Many of the Easy2name range of labels can be sent to you the same day. If your child is at nursery or school, as every mum knows, it is very important to make sure that everything that leaves the house is labelled.

Easy2name’s tag line has always been ‘You name it, We label it’ and that’s what they continue to do with unique products that really do work. You can also get 10% off with Barnes Mums! Just use the code BMUM10 when ordering online.

For more information and to view the range of products, please take a look at the Easy2name website. They can also be contacted on 01635 298326 if you have any questions.


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