Dukes Meadows Playground is just across the bridge in Chiswick and it’s such a fantastic play space and a great success story that we here at Barnes Mums can’t help but shout out loud about it. As The Dukes Meadows Trust declares; ‘Space to play – everyone needs it.’

Dukes Meadows PlaygroundTen years ago this area was a no-go zone. And then the local community decided to act. They formed a Friends group and the park has since been transformed. They received £1m in funding, and Dukes Meadows has gone on to win Gold in the London Mayorís Safer Parks Awards. Dukes Meadows has two major attractions for kids; the water play area and the exciting new adventure playground.

Dukes Meadows PlaygroundThe water play area has a shallow pool with a fountain, a sandpit and the Splash Oasis Cafe. The cafe serves a selection of drinks and snacks, as well as sandwiches and burgers. The adventure playground is a play area for bigger children and it has been designed to work with the natural environment. A ‘dry water riverbed’, wooden climbing frames, and earth mounds are all features that will change naturally with the seasons. If you’re there on a Sunday you can also pop over to the Food Market, which is within easy walking distance even with little ones in tow.

It’s also varied enough to encourage children of all abilities to mix and play together. Big children too; we’ll see you on the tyre swings!

Dukes Meadows PlaygroundFor more information, you can take a look at the Dukes Meadows website. Dukes Meadows Trust can also be contacted on 020 8742 2225 or by emailing admin@dukesmeadowstrust.org.


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