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BrigoPTFinally lockdown is over and its time to feel great in summer clothes and enjoy the weather!

Michael Brigo PTIf you want to look and feel better and have more energy, we have found the trainer who can help you achieve those goals. Michael is a body transformation coach who specialises in fitness for busy women. He provides one-to-one home PT sessions, personalised food guidance, ongoing exercise support and accountability all packaged together.

If working full-time from home as well as cooking three meals a day, in addition to cleaning and providing childcare is taking up your time, this all adds up to an easier way to fit in your exercise.

Michael Brigo PTMichael’s transformation plan is designed for woman who want to lose a dress size or more, look great in their clothes and have more energy. Everything from exercise to nutrition is personalised, the sessions are flexible and it conveniently fits in your busy schedule. We like the sound of that!

Start with a FREE home PT taster session! This allows you to meet your trainer, experience their service and see if they are a good match for you.

Claim your free taster session here: www.brigopt.com.

For more information, please visit the BrigoPT website, or you can contact Michael by emailing hello@brigopt.com or calling 020 3105 5459.


Here’s a recent success story:

“I’ve lost over 10kg with BrigoPT! I’m a mum with a full time job and my main barriers are sugar and not having any time for myself. Michael helped me transform my diet and the home PT sessions made it possible to exercise. I had a good experience with great results and would recommend BrigoPT to other women especially other mums”, Yvonne, London

“From my experience building a relationship with our clients is key to their successful results. My aim is for you to feel confident, comfortable and reassured with kick-starting your fitness journey.”, Michael Brigo, BrigoPT Senior Coach


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