BrigoPTIt’s 2020! If your new year’s resolution is to get back in shape, BrigoPT wants to make that easier for you. Do you want to look and feel better but have little time for yourself and often feel tired? Michael Brigo is a body transformation coach for women who have busy lives and need support, guidance and motivation to refocus on their health and fitness.

BrigoPT incorporates exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle at your home or work space. Their clients juggle raising children, managing a home, working, caring for ageing parents, and more. That’s a lot going on which leaves them with little time for themselves.

BrigoPTIf any of the above resonates with you they would love to speak with you. At your FREE ‘Look & Feel Better’ personal training taster session they will share with you exactly what you need to do (and in what order) to gain more energy, lose weight and improve your fitness.

Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you want to look and feel good in your clothes? Are you feeling tired and need more energy? If you answered yes to any of these, BrigoPT guarantees you will have:

CONVENIENCE – your dedicated trainer comes to your home/work at a time and day that suits you, so there’s no need to travel or ever miss an exercise session again.

MOTIVATION – to get you started, keep you accountable (especially the days when you’re feeling tired) and support you when you need it the most with food and exercise.

FITNESS ROUTINE – a routine that fits into your lifestyle, which you can do regularly, stay focused on and be consistent with (don’t worry for how long, they will guide you the whole way).

Best of all you start with a FREE ‘Look & Feel Better’ taster session, which gives you the opportunity to meet your trainer, experience their service and see if Michael and his team are a good match for you.

Claim your FREE ‘look & feel better’ personal training taster session here.

There are limited taster sessions!

Here’s a recent success story:

“I’ve lost over 10kg with BrigoPT! I’m a mum with a full time job and my main barriers are sugar and not having any time for myself. Michael helped me transform my diet and the home PT sessions made it possible to exercise. I had a good experience with great results and would recommend BrigoPT to other women especially other mums”, Yvonne, London

“From my experience building a relationship with our clients is key to their successful results. My aim is for you to feel confident, comfortable and reassured with kick-starting your fitness journey.”, Michael Brigo, BrigoPT Senior Coach

For more information, please visit the BrigoPT website, or you can contact Michael by emailing or calling 020 3105 5459.


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