Barnes Primary School

Barnes Primary School

Here at Barnes Mums we’re incredibly proud of our local primary school, Barnes Primary School.

Apart from its great record in academic results, it’s also one of the friendliest and most dynamic schools around. It was also classed as Outstanding in its last Ofsted report in 2008. An interim report published in 2011 was ‘pleased to inform’ that this performance has been sustained.

Having being taught in the three L’s (learning, love and laughter) in the nursery, this philosophy is extended to the primary, where the school is ‘devoted to raising children’s expectations and aspirations. Our principal objective is for each pupil to develop a deep interest in, and love for, learning’. The ultimate goal of the school is to ensure your child becomes ‘a self-motivated, independent learner with a wide range of generic study skills that will prove useful to them throughout their lives’.

Along the way the basics are never ignored. High standards are consistently achieved in reading, writing and arithmetic (a three-year average in the high 90%’s) and pupils are further inspired by a curriculum that embraces the arts, music and sport.
This is a 21st Century school with a 21st Century mentality. Barnes Primary School aims to make a difference to your child’s life by providing them with skills to be successful now, when they are young, and in their future.

The school doesn’t deal directly with admissions. Admissions policy is set by Richmond Local Authority who you should write to, or you can apply online. The school is more than happy to give guidance and advice though; just telephone the school or drop in and have a word with Jo Patience, the school’s Communications Manager.

Barnes Primary School, Cross Street, Barnes SW13 OQQ. Tel: 020 8876 7358.