The Swedish School

In the most recent OECD world education rankings [] Sweden is five places higher than the UK for competency in reading, maths and science by age 15, also beating Germany, Ireland, France and Denmark.

But we can’t send our beloved little ones all the way to Sweden to school each day, can we? Of course not. But here in Barnes we have the next best thing; a school that offers all the benefits of a combined Swedish/UK education. It is called, appropriately enough, the Swedish School.

The school, which achieved an Outstanding result from Ofsted in 2010, encourages all students to reach their full academic potential, especially in Swedish and English. Swedish culture is combined with British and international culture to help children develop into true people of the World.

Particularly Swedish in approach is the school’s emphasis on nurturing empathy and altruistic behaviour, something we could all benefit from a lesson in.

The school teaches from pre-school through to sixth form. Primarily aimed at Swedes living in London, the pre-school classes follow the Swedish curriculum, though of course English lessons are included.

One thing we love about the Swedish School is its Cordon Bleu-trained chef. As its website says, the chef will “provide you with tasty and nutritious food in our lovely canteen. During the day fruit will be served to boost your energy levels”. It makes us wish we were Swedish and young again.

Find out more about the Swedish School here.

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