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Stilettos To Strollers LogoStilettos To Strollers runs hypnobirthing courses across SW London and Surrey. Many people approach hypnobirthing thinking that it’s a bit fluffy and just some breathing, or even that they will be hypnotised, but Jemma – the founder of Stilettos to Strollers – is ready to prove otherwise. In fact, Jemma believes that by preparing and planning for the birth you want, you are giving yourself the ability to achieve it.

Stilettos To StrollersStilettos to Strollers hypnobirthing classes offer a full antenatal preparation course which covers four key areas: the power of the mind, relaxation, your options, and what to expect. Through strong relationships with the local NHS hospitals and birthing centres, you will also be provided with the most up-to-date information on local services and options.

Jemma’s course is factual and honest, and she studied with KGHypnobrithing which is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. On the course you will cover:

  • – Breathing, relaxation, visualisations, massage
  • – Working to release fear
  • – Helping to build confidence
  • – Teaching how the birth partner can be a powerful protector and support
  • – How the body is designed to give birth with efficiency and comfort
  • – Knowledge and information about the whole process
  • – How ‘the system’ works, and how to work with it to achieve the best result for you
  • – A simple practice regime to support you at home
  • – Understanding how the mind and body work together

Jemma set up Stilettos to Strollers because she is on a mission to change parents-to-be’s perception of birth, whether it’s their first baby or their third. As part of the course she helps to eradicate fear associated with negative pre-conceptions or past experiences.

Stilettos To Strollers Jemma started teaching hypnobirthing because she is passionate about helping more women to have positive birth experiences. After hearing negative stories of labour she was determined not to add hers to this pile. So she did some research where she discovered the active birth movement and hypnobirthing, and found the factual explanation of childbirth having a profound effect and wondered why more women didn’t know the facts about their bodies. In Jemma’s words: “There is not enough positive information teaching women what their bodies are capable of. We are made to birth the babies we have created, and with a little knowledge, faith and a positive mindset many women are able to take control of their birth experience. Hypnobirthing provides you with the tools to have a calm birth, and knowledge is power – the more you know, the greater likelihood you will be able to relax. In turn this will allow your muscles to release and gently open, birthing your baby as nature indented.”

For more information take a look at the Stilettos To Strollers website, or you can get in touch with Jemma by emailing


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