Mamalates is both a Birth Preparation and Birth Recovery Method.

Whether Pre or Postnatal the mamas get to work with either their bumps or babies while looking after themselves.

Prenatal Mamalates will strengthen the core muscles and teach how to correctly activate the pelvic floor while also working on correct alignment.ML PIC

Releasing and relaxing tight muscle through foam rolling and gentle stretching. And using the right breathing not just the with movements but also to prepare for a beautiful birthing experience.

Postnatal Mamalates is an OB/GYN endorsed perinatal restorative, Pilates-based exercise method that focuses on alignment, stability and safely reclaiming your core: ALL WHILE WORKING OUT WITH YOUR BABY!

Especially designed for new mums. Learn how to correctly activate your core and pelvic floor muscles. Each class will take you through postural awareness, alignment, balance and strength exercises, helping you regain core stability and flatten your ‘mummy tummy’.

Postnatal Mamalates allows new mums to focus on rebuilding the pelvic floor and abdominals, where muscles are stretched and often injured in both vaginal and caesarean deliveries. This program can not only help prevent future lower back pain, pelvic floor pain, pelvic floor prolapse and incontinence, but allows mums to start feeling back in touch with their bodies without having to give up time with their infants. It should be one of the first exercise programs that all new mums start with, no matter what shape they were in prior to delivery.


Classes are in Barnes at the OSO Arts Centre

Postnatal for Mums and Babies MONDAYS at 11.15 am

For more info and bookings please email

Private classes and NCT Group sessions are available.

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