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GroovaRoo Babywearing Dance ClassGroovaRoo Dance started with a husband and wife team teaching babywearing dance classes in their local community in the US. It has since blossomed into an international organisation with teachers all over the world. Veronica Kanska (a dance teacher and baby wearing expert) is the first to bring the classes to the UK – in fact they’re the first in Europe too!

The classes have been created to help strengthen the bond not only between parent and child, but also parent to parent, through the medium of Soul Line Dance. GroovaRoo is a fun one-hour dance class with plenty of breaks where you learn different dances and grooves each week. You will create a deeper bond with your little one as you dance to soulful music and have fun with like-minded mums!

GroovaRoo Babywearing Dance ClassAll caregivers and babies are welcome to join our classes – absolutely no dance experience needed. In fact, you can even get started earlier as a perfect time to start taking the classes is when you are pregnant. However, if you have recently given birth, you need to have a formal release from your care provider to resume regular exercise (typically 6 weeks) in order to attend the classes. Following that, you can dance for however long you and your baby are comfortable dancing in a carrier. A variety of carriers are suitable for the classes, including two-shoulder ergonomic baby carriers (soft structure), stretchy wraps or mei tais.

GrooveRoo dance classes have many wonderful benefits: they create greater bonding between you and your baby; help release stress through oxytocin (eye contact and exercise); increases both cognitive development (proprioception-spatial awareness) and emotional development (empathy and connection to others) in infants; and help develop babies’ bone density and muscular strength.

GroovaRoo Babywearing Dance ClassGroovaRoo focuses on connecting to each other and our babies through the joyous medium of dance. Your heart rate may rise and you might get a workout, but that’s not the primary objective! Since it launched GroovaRoo has taken the world by storm, with over 100,000 likes on Facebook and almost 50 million You Tube views. It has also been featured on many TV shows, including ITV’s ‘Loose Women’ in the UK, and NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ in the USA.

GroovaRoo classes take place on Tuesday mornings at the Bemore Studio, 30 Mortlake High Street SW14 8HX. For more information, please take a look at the GroovaRoo website, where you can also book individual classes or blocks of six (which don’t need to be used consecutively). You can also contact Veronika by emailing, and follow GroovaRoo London on Facebook and Instagram.


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