Compass Learning Club

Is your child struggling to pick up some of the more tricky concepts at school?

Has supporting them at home become difficult because many of the teaching methods have changed since you were at school?

Has your child lost their love of learning?

Does your child give up easily due to low self-esteem?

Compass Learning Club is here to help! 

After ten years of teaching in schools, Compass Learning Club’s principle tutor – Hannah – left her position as a teacher to set up Compass. She has built a team of like-minded, dedicated teachers who are all passionate about education.

Compass Learning ClubCompass is a new and exciting tuition company which offers support to children who need a little extra help to build their knowledge base. Their approach ensures children understand what they are learning, in a fun and friendly environment. Compass uses different approaches to explain the tricky concepts. Lessons are fun and interactive with lots of practical elements too.

Compass Learning ClubCompass offers small group-learning clubs, tutoring English & Maths for ages 6 to 11. They also offer an initial free assessment. Using that and parent feedback they carefully select a group (which will never exceed four children) to fit your child and then their learning journey can begin!

One of their existing clients says:

“I have two sons who are very different and have needed help in so many areas. Compass Learning Club makes a huge effort to get to know and understand your child and how they process information. The improvement in their academic work and the way they now focus and enjoy tasks that they are set is outstanding. I can highly recommend the fun, practical and supportive classes as they have had such a positive effect on my boys.”

Compass Learning ClubTo get a taste of what Compass offers, you can visit the Compass Learning Club website… or to see the children in action, visit their Instagram and Facebook pages. They can also be contacted by emailing or by giving them a call 020 3858 0232.


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