Baz Moffat Strong To The Core

Baz Moffat Strong To The CoreBaz Moffat is a women’s health coach who specialises in helping women with their pelvic floor and core strength. She coaches in a nurturing and progressive way and looks at the whole picture, in the belief that a solid foundation must be built to create a strong body inside and out. Baz offers no nonsense, supportive training for women both online and in person, with sessions taking place in Wandsworth, Putney and Barnes.

Baz Moffat Strong To The CoreYou’re in very capable hands as Baz is a Master Trainer for Holistic Core Restore®, with an MSc in Sports Science and over 10 years PT experience. She is also an ex Team GB rower who has won World Championship medals and, as a mum of two toddlers herself, understands the issues facing other mums.

Baz Moffat Strong To The CoreThe heartbeat of Baz’s offering is the Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman Programme – a 12-week education programme which focuses on pelvic floor, core, nutrition and women’s wellness. It is designed to bring you back home to your body with your pelvic and core health at the centre of everything. Baz also runs regular pelvic floor workshops, 1-2-1 training sessions, a six-week online programme, and a range of classes, including Holistic Core Restore® Heat and Strong with Baz, which are great for busy women keen to train in the right kind of way for their lifestage.

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