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Thank you to the Barnes Bookshop for this amazing list of recommendations for kids at Christmas! Barnes Bookshop can be found at 60 Church Road, Barnes SW13 0DQ. You can contact them by calling 020 8741 0786.



Christmas is just around the corner and no Christmas tree is complete without a stack of books underneath it. Whether it is a colourful picture book that you are looking for or the latest in teen fiction (or anything in between for that matter) our catalogue will make it easy to choose the right book for every child. For tailored personal advice, we have a team of friendly and helpful booksellers available, so do pop in to see us if you would like any more suggestions or email or telephone for a spot of inspiration



Barnes Bookshop

LAUREN CHILD A Dog With Nice Ears (32pp) £12.99

Join iconic children’s characters Charlie and Lola in their quest to find the perfect pet dog… who might end up being a rabbit

PIPPA GOODHEART You Choose in Space (32pp) £10.99

Let children choose their own adventure and create their own story in this bright and interactive picture book, perfect for building vocabulary

KES GRAY Oi Cat! (32pp) £10.99

Dogs sit on logs, racoons sit on macaroons, armadillos sit on pillows… but what if a cat doesn’t want to sit on a gnat? Highly amusing rhyming story that teaches phonics

OWEN GILDERSLEEVE Let it Glow: A Winter’s Walk (24pp) £14.99

As we follow one boy on his journey home through a winter wonderland, little lights become carol singers’ candles and stars in the sky

OLIVER JEFFERS Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth (48pp) Nov £14.99

Advice on living on planet earth and how to make it a kinder place. Written and illustrated by the’ creator of ‘Lost and Found’

JOHN YEOMAN All Year Round (32pp) £12.99

Rejoice in the changing seasons, from spring cleaning to summer holidays to Halloween and yes, the only thing to celebrate in December… illustrated by Quentin Blake

ANTHONY BROWNE Hide and Seek (32pp) £12.99

After losing their dog, siblings Cy and Poppy decide to play a game of hide and seek to distract themselves. But does the rustling in the woods mean they are not alone?

JULIA DONALDSON The Ugly Five (32pp) £12.99

A jubilant celebration of unloved animals on the savannah: the wildebeest, hyena, warthog, vulture and marabou stork. Illustrated by the incomparable Axel Scheffler

PATRICIA TOHT Pick a Pine Tree (40pp) £11.99

Christmas starts with picking out a pine tree. Join a family as they choose their tree, decorate it and string it with lights. Full of the joys of the season and being together

JEN CAMPBELL Franklin’s Flying Bookshop (32pp) £11.95

A magical story about a little girl and a dragon who dream up a plan to share their love of books and stories

MAC BARNETT The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse (40pp) £12.99

After mouse gets gobbled up by a big bad wolf, you might think that is the end of the tale… but mouse meets a duck in the wolf’s belly and a story of cooperation ensues

GARTH JENNINGS The Wildest Cowboy (32pp) £11.99

When Bingo Brown, the cheerful salesman, rolls into town all he wants to do is sell his novelty goods… but he is not prepared for a standoff with the fiercest cowboy in the west!

BENJI DAVIES The Grotlyn (32pp) £12.99

At the dead of night, the mysterious Grotlyn is prowling around town, terrifying children everywhere. But is the Grotlyn as scary as we think?




CHRIS HARRIS I’m Just No Good at Rhyming (192pp) £14.99

Poetry turned on its head and imbued with a wickedly funny wit, wordplay and nonsense. Illustrated in fittingly absurd style by Lane Smith

SANTA MONTEFIORE Royal Rabbits: Escape From the Tower (224pp) £10.99

Little Shylo is part of The Royal Rabbits, a secret order charged with keeping London safe. But when he is kidnapped by an evil gang of rats, can he escape in time to save the day?

MICHAEL MORPURGO Greatest Magical Stories (256pp) £14.99

From ‘The Frog Prince’ to ‘Sleeping Beauty’: a collection of classic, magical stories chosen by the former Children’s Laureate. A timeless compilation to treasure

NATALIA O’HARA Hortense and the Shadow (32pp) £10.99

An enchanting and richly illustrated modern day fairy-tale, about a little girl who is afraid of her shadow but must learn to accept all sides of herself

CORALIE BICKFORD-SMITH The Worm and the Bird (64pp) £14.99

Deep below the earth, Worm dreams of a life outside the ground, whilst high above the sky, Bird awaits… a beautiful picture book about the joy to be found in small moments

JAMES MAYHEW Ella Bella Ballerina and the Magic Toyshop (32pp) £12.99

Join Ella Bella and discover a world of fairytale toymakers and dancing dolls in in this beautiful introduction to the classic ballet, ‘La Boutique Fantastique’

JENNY COLGAN Polly and the Puffin and the Happy Christmas (96pp) £7.99

Polly and her pet puffin are waiting for Christmas and it is taking forever… However, with an egg to hatch and a nativity play to put on, there is plenty to keep them busy

KATHARINE RUNDELL One Christmas Wish (64pp) £14.99

It is Christmas Eve and Theo wishes for some friends to keep him company. So he is surprised and delighted when the Christmas decorations come to life, wreaking havoc

ALEX T. SMITH Mr Penguin and the Lost Treasure (208pp) £9.99

Mr Penguin and his assistant Colin (who happens to be a spider, but he’s very sensitive about it) are on the quest for missing treasure in this humourous detective story

MICHAEL MORPURGO Toto (284pp) £14.99

A retelling of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, as experienced by Dorothy’s pet dog Toto. Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

CLARE BALDING The Racehorse Who Disappeared (256 pp) £10.99

Charlie Bass is back for her second adventure. After winning the Derby, Charlie is on a high. Then her beloved racehorse, Noble Warrior, is kidnapped. Can she find him?




JAY JAY BURRIDGE Supersaurs: Raptors of Paradise (352pp) £10.99

Bea lives in a world where the dinosaurs did not die out. Her parents were explorers and went missing when she was a baby. Can she solve the mystery of what happened to them?

R.M. ROMOERO The Dollmaker of Krakow (288pp) £12.99

1939: a doll comes to life in a toyshop, changing the life of her broken hearted creator. The Nazi occupation of Krakow threatens the safety of their Jewish friends & the pair must act

CRESSIDA COWELL The Wizards of Once (384pp) £12.99

When their fantastical world is threatened, mortal enemies Warrior Wish & Wizard Xar must collaborate to save it from ruin. From the author of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’

EOIN COLFER Illegal (144pp) £14.99

The story of one migrant boy’s epic journey across Africa to Europe, told in graphic novel format

MITCH JOHNSON Kick (340pp) £6.99 pbk

Budi dreams of being a star footballer. Instead, he works in a sweatshop. When he finds himself in debt to the most dangerous man in Jakarta it is not only his dreams at stake….

JAKOB WEGELIUS The Murderer’s Ape (640pp) £16.99

Sally Jones is not just a very talented ape, but also a loyal friend to her master, the Chief. When he is accused of murder, she must find the real killer to clear his name

HARRY HILL Matt Millz (368pp) £9.99

Matt Millz lives and breathes stand-up comedy. When the school talent competition comes around, he can’t wait to debut his routine. His rivals however, have other ideas…

CHRIS RIDDELL Goth Girl & The Sinister Symphony (224pp) £11.99

Lord Goth is throwing a music festival. So, with a whole cavalcade of guests, the prospect of a new stepmother and a new mystery to solve, Ada is anything but relaxed

J.K. ROWLING A Journey Through a History of Magic (144pp) £12.99

Explore the history of magic! Packed with unpublished manuscript pages and weird, wonderful and inspiring artefacts from the archives at the British Library

KATE SAUNDERS The Land of Neverendings (336pp) £10.99

After the loss of her sibling, Emily feels desperate. When a strange creature comes, promising a place where humans and their toys live on after death, an adventure begins

LAUREN ST JOHN The Snow Angel (256pp) £10.99

Growing up in Nairobi, Makena’s dream is to climb Mount Kenya. Then she is relocated to Scotland. Navigating the brutal Highlands, she relies on friends to help her survive

ANDY MULLIGAN Dog (256pp) £10.99

When Tom gets a puppy, it changes both their lives. Tom finally has a special friend to turn to for comfort as he struggles with a difficult new school and trouble at home

STACY GREGG The Thunderbolt Pony (256pp) £12.99

Forced to evacuate when a devastating earthquake hits, Evie realises that she will be forced to leave her beloved animals behind. She is determined to find another way

MIRA BARTOK The Wonderling (464pp) £14.99

Arthur, a shy fox with one ear, lives in the miserable Home for Wayward and Misbegotten Creatures. After making a new friend, he starts to wonder whether another life is possible

KATHERINE RUNDELL The Explorer (416pp) £12.99

After a plane crash, four children are stranded in the Amazon Jungle. Desperate to stay alive and return home, they find that someone is always one step ahead of them…




JOHN GREEN Turtles All the Way Down (304 pp) £14.99

Sixteen year old Aza is playing detective, pursuing a fugitive billionaire to earn a $100,000 reward. Becoming embroiled with his son, she finds herself walking a dangerous tightrope

SARAH CROSSAN Moonrise (400pp) £12.99

Joe hasn’t seen his brother Ed for years. Now Ed is on death row with a date set for his execution. Joe is determined to spend as much time as he can with him, before it’s too late

SALLY NICHOLLS Things a Bright Girl Can Do (432pp) £12.99

Rousing historical novel in which three women from very different social backgrounds unite to fight for universal suffrage

FRANCES HARDINGE A Skinful of Shadows (432pp) £12.99

The eve of the English Civil War & strong-willed Makepeace is trying to fight off dark spirits. When a ghost takes over her body she must choose between possession….or death

PHILIP PULLMAN La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Vol. One (560pp) £20

Long awaited first volume of the companion series to ‘His Dark Materials’. Existing in a parallel world, the story follows 11-year-old Malcolm Polstead and his daemon Asta

WILLIAM SUTCLIFFE We See Everything (272pp) £12.99

Set in the future where constant surveillance is the norm in London, Lex tries to survive this dystopian reality. Then a drone pilot targets his family and he must act

LUCY ADLINGTON The Red Ribbon (304pp) £12.99

14-year-old Ella is a dressmaker, her passion beautiful clothes. But her work is in a concentration camp where a dress can make the difference between life and death

YABA BADOE A Jigsaw of Fire & Stars (320pp) £10.99

Sole survivor of a shipwrecked boat carrying migrants, treasure and, perhaps, magic. Now fourteen, Sante travels with a circus but the dead are calling for revenge

SUE TURTON This Book Will (Help You) Change The World (320pp) £9.99 pbk

A powerhouse guide to politics and activism for teenagers. It explains the political system, empowering readers to change the status quo

DEIRDRE SULLIVAN Tanglewood & Brine (180pp) £12.99

A collection of thirteen dark, feminist retellings of traditional fairytales, such as ‘Rumplestiltskin’ and ‘Cinderella’



non fiction

MAILEG Soft Toys £9.99 – £29.99

Rabbits, mice hiding in matchboxes, dinosaurs curled up in eggs – a wealth of chic, Swedish soft toys that invite imaginative play (0+)

HILARY ROBINSON Christmas Fairy Tale Mix-Up (30pp) £13.99

Flip the flaps to create hundreds of mixed-up stories, featuring favourite Christmas and fairy tale characters, from Father Christmas to Cinderella (2+)

ORANGE TREE TOYS Best in Show Play £24.99

Beautifully painted non-toxic wooden play set that allows little ones to stage their own dog show (2+)

MICHAEL BOND Paddington Pop-Up London (16pp) £25.00

Travel round Paddington’s London. Six pop-up scenes bring St Paul’s, Big Ben and the Tower of London splendidly to life (3+)

TOVE JANSSON The Moomins: The World of Moominvalley (368pp) £35.00

Step into the magical world of Moominvalley. A fun and fascinating look at the wonderful world of the Moomins and their creator (3+)

DUGALD STEER Knightology (28pp) £19.99

Discover exceptional knights from both history and legend in this sumptuous book, complete with pop-up, tabs and flaps made for curious little hands (4+)

LILY MURRAY Dinosaurium (112pp) £20.00

Welcome to the museum! Step inside & explore a world of extraordinary and beautifully illustrated dinosaurs; from the humble triceratops to the obscure tsintaosaurus (5+)

DAVID LONG Pirates Magnified (48pp) £14.99

Grab your magnifying glass and seek out history’s most notorious pirates in this swashbuckling search-and-find adventure, packed with over 200 things to spot (5+)

ENID BLYTON Jolly Good Food (144pp) £14.99

Delicious and easy recipes, inspired by the stories by Enid Blyton. With lots of lively artwork and extracts from Enid Blyton’s most loved stories (5+)

LIBBY JACKSON A Galaxy of Her Own (144pp) £16.99

Fifty stories of inspirational women who have been fundamental to the story of humans in space, from scientists to astronauts to some surprising roles in between (5+)

KELSEY OSEID What We See in the Stars (160pp) £12.99

Take a tour of the universe with this illustrated guide. Learn about the solar system and how different cultures have viewed the night sky throughout history (6+)

JENNIE MAIZELS Pop-Up Shakespeare (10pp) £16.99

Discover all of Shakespeare’s thirty-nine magnificent plays with dramatic pop-ups and lift-the-flaps (6+)

SANDRA LAWRENCE The Atlas of Monsters (64pp) £14.99

A confection of maps showing where to find all sorts of mythical beasts. Told in narrative through the eyes of a librarian trying to decipher the cartographic wonders (7+)

EMILY HAWKINS All Aboard the Discovery Express (32pp) £14.99

On board the Discovery Express, a brilliant professor has disappeared, but this book is full of clues, flaps and interactive to help find him (7+)

J.K. ROWLING Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (336pp) £30.00

Exquisitely illustrated gift edition with art by Jim Kay. Follow Harry and his friends as they start their third year at Hogwarts (7+)

LEON GRAY Discovery Globe: Build Your Own Globe Kit (48pp) £16.00

A kit to make your own spinning globe, plus an illustrated explorer’s guide packed with information containing all the pieces for an easy-to-make spinning model (7+)

MARKUS MOTUM Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover (56pp) £15.00

A stylishly illustrated book about the search for life on Mars, told from the unique perspective of NASA’s Mars Rover, Curiosity (7+)

MARCIA WILLIAMS Three Cheers for Women! (48pp) Nov £12.99

A celebration of inspirational women from all over the world and throughout history, told in Marcia Williams’ much-loved comic-strip style (8+)

HUI SKIPP National Theatre: Play in a Box (32pp) £12.99

Discover how to create, direct and act in your very own play in this brilliant kit from the National Theatre (8+)

RUBY TAYLOR Welcome to the Museum (8pp) £12.99

Full of tips on how to create your very own museum. A perfect present for young curious minds (8+)

MATT EDMONDSON The Greatest Magician in the World (48pp) £14.99

Interactive novelty book featuring an exciting quest story, a cast of personality-packed magicians and everything you need to perform seven magic tricks (9+)

MAGNOIDZ Science Kits (Various) £15.00

Perfect for the budding scientist, this range of experiments (including Pressure Powered Car, Litmus Test and Erupting Volcano) are fun and safe to try at home (9+)

MOJANG Minecraft Mobestiary (104pp) £14.99

Minecraft Mobestiary is the definitive guide to every mob in the game! We have no idea what that means either, but this creative “digital Lego” block building game is ‘it’ (9+)

SARAH HULL Children’s Knitting Kit (32pp) Nov £12.99

Knit, stuff & finish three delightful knitted animals, with a helpful step-by-step guide and plenty of yarn and knitting materials included to get you started (10+)


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